At AIMS, our mission is to reignite the love of learning through exploration and discovery.

AIMS is designated for students for whom the traditional instructional setting is not a good fit. AIMS thrives with success in a smaller setting with less structured curriculum, more hands-on experiences, and more relationship-building time with their teachers and peers.


The Makerspace at AIMS will be equipped with a variety of tools and scientific instruments. This includes industrial work surfaces that can be used to explore, test, design, and create. Students will be encouraged to construct their own learning.


Out of Class Learning

From the AIMS kitchen garden to the sculpture-filled lawns of the Nelson-Atkins museum, students will regularly venture beyond the four walls of our classrooms.



AIMS will partner with local businesses and area groups to design service-learning projects that allow students the opportunity to make a significant positive impact across the multiple communities our district serves.



We are able to set forth a accessible path for the students for the following reasons:

  • Have a lower student to teacher ration
  • Anchor academic concepts in real-world experiences
  • Emphasize the importance of relationships
  • Value curiosity and wonder in all its fascinating forms